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College For The Masses By David Leonhardt - 933 Words

â€Å"College for the Masses† by David Leonhardt is a great article that displays the many benefits among lower-income students attending a four year college. â€Å"Why Poor Students Struggle† by Vicki Madden displays many examples from hers and her colleagues experiences while providing statistics of the lower-income joining a four year college. The two articles both display the benefits of attending a four year college and that the education pays off. David’s article talked about the different education levels based on their test score before attending the university and the amount of income, while Vicki’s focused more on the income and the effects on grades of students while attending the college on low income. David also goes more in detail about the disadvantages of community college than Vicki’s description of community college. â€Å"College for the Masses†, in my opinion, had more intensive descriptions and examples on the benefits of starting in a four year university, rather than community college. David Leonhardt bases more of his articles on students similar test scores when starting in a university. In his article, he uses examples of two groups of students with generally the same score, but dividend on what college they attend because of a tiny difference. â€Å"Students who score 840 on the SAT, for example, or maintain a â€Å"C+† average in high school are admitted. Those who don’t clear the bar are generally rejected, and many don’t attend any four-year college† (Leonhardt). ThisShow MoreRelatedThe Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald1353 Words   |  6 Pagesfor each according to his ability or achievement.† We are given an opportunity to get a 4 year college degree and to achieve the American dream but that also comes with its obstacles of paying debts no matter what. Living in the United States gives you so many opportunities that you might not get if you lived in other countries. One of the opportunities that are given to us are getting a 4 year college degree. This opportunity is not given to people in many other countries. By taking advantage of

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Organizational Behavior and Its Importance to a Company...

Organizational Behavior and Its Importance to a Company What is organizational behavior and why is it important for a company to understand it? There are several crucial reasons why companies should utilize the concepts of organizational behavior, as well as understand the key terms that are associated with organizational behavior. To understand and utilize organizational behavior there are several key terms that must also be understood, for example organizational culture, diversity, communication, organizational effectiveness and efficiency, organizational learning. Intracorp, a bill review company, has the potential to be more efficient and employees could possibly be more eager to meet intended goals. Definition of†¦show more content†¦Organizational Culture How does organizational culture fit to the mold of organizational behavior? Not all companies are ran the same as the next. . The simple definition of organizational culture is â€Å"a set of ideas, beliefs and emotions that shape a mold of a group† (Organizational, 2000). A manager cannot come into a new office and expect employees to adjust to what they are used to. Although there is no one definition for organizational culture it is important for management to understand that it is there and it does exist. Intracorp recently had a change in the management team and rather than management adjusting to their employees; employees where forced to adjust to management. These changes lead to the loss of business for Intracorp and many unhappy employees. Diversity Regardless of where a company is located there is always some kind of diversity and management must know how to adjust to the different types within their offices. Intracorp’s new management team has done it’s best to value the diversity within the office. The previous team ignored the diversity which lead to discrimination suits filed by angry employees who’s complaints where ignored. Organizations must know that â€Å"diversity has gone from being a moral and /or legal issue into a business necessity† (Diversity, 2000). Communication Lack of communication within in an organization leads to many unwanted mistakes that could eventually damage a company. EmployeesShow MoreRelatedDoc, Docx, Pdf1631 Words   |  7 PagesContents Organizational justice: 1 1: Distributive justice: 1 2: procedural justice: 2 3 interactional justice: 2 Importance of organizational justice: 2 CONDITIONS OF ORGANIZATIONAL JUSTICE IN PAKISTAN 3 Organizational citizenship behavior: 3 Definition and concept: 3 Kinds of organizational citizenship Behavior: 3 Altruism: 3 Conscientiousness: 4 Civic virtue: 4 Importance of organization citizenship behavior: 4 Organizational justice: Organizational justice showsRead MoreThe Ethics And Organizational Communications1448 Words   |  6 Pages The study of Ethics and organizational communications has been an ongoing subject. It has been introduced as a way to be a more effective communicator, especially pertaining to an organization. It is a practical way to improve morale between an employer to his employee as well as a client to an organization. Resolution of ethical behaviors and practices are essential to any organization. The following study of Ethics and organizational communications has been studied and explored by other scholarsRead MoreOrganizational Behavior Around The World : Japan1087 Words   |  5 Pages Organizational Behavior around the World: Japan Jonathan Andrew Hughett East Tennessee State University Organizational Behavior around the World: Japan If one is to study organizational behavior among all nations in the world, he or she would find some similarities and many differences between countries and cultures. While it is relatively easy for an American to understand American organizational behavior, it may be difficult to understand other cultures and business norms. Japan shares someRead MoreTrader Joes Essay examples1041 Words   |  5 PagesThe Organizational Behavior that makes Trader Joe’s Unique August 29, 2013 Abstract THE ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR OF FOOD RETAILER TRADER JOE’S IS UNIQUE IN MANY WAYS. FROM OWNER, JOE COULOMBE, TO A STORE CLERK, THEY ALL HAVE THE SAME VISION IN MIND- TO SET THEMSELVES APART FROM THE REST. NOT FALLING INTO STEREOTYPICAL FOOD CHAINS, TRADER JOE’S DOES BUSINESS THEIR WAY. THIS MAKES THEM PERFECT AT BEING THEM. FROM INTERVIEW QUESTIONS TO JOB DESIGN, THEY ARE NOT YOUR STANDARDRead MoreOrganizational Structure Essay1147 Words   |  5 PagesSubject: â€Å"Organizational Structure† Introduction: Organizational structure provides the framework of an organization determining how roles and responsibilities are delegated throughout the different levels of the organization. It has been defined by some as the looking glass through which coworkers see their organization and its surrounding environment while others have described structure as the backbone of the organization. In this memo, I will briefly discuss the importance of organizationalRead MoreImpact of Structure on Organizations891 Words   |  4 Pageson Organizations Impact of organizational structure There are several factors that influence organizations activity, presence within the business environment, and success on the market. Such a factor is represented by their organizational structure. This organizational structure refers to the hierarchy within the organization, to the lines of authority and communication, to the rights, but also to the limits of competence within the organization. The organizational structure influences the assignationRead MoreXyz Car Company Strategic Planning1044 Words   |  5 PagesXYZ Car Company Strategic Planning As the new CEO representing the XYZ Car Company, operating in the U.S., Japan and Germany, it would serve the company to support and function as a cultural diversity organization. These cultural changes should be to adapt to multi-diversity and acceptable organizational behaviors. Culture and Diversity XYZ Car Company production lines are located in the U.S., Japan and Germany. Therefore, managing diversity means utilizing the experience and background that employeesRead MoreA Large Midwestern Milk Products Manufacturer1554 Words   |  7 PagesHy Dairies, Inc. is â€Å"a large Midwestern milk products manufacturer†. (McShane Von Glinow, 2013) The company recently saw increased sales and market share over the past two quarters, which was tied to a marketing campaign used to boost the sales of the company’s gourmet ice cream brand. Rochelle Beauport, who is an assistant brand manager, joined the team from another food products company and is â€Å"one of the few women of color in the marketing management.† (McShane Von Glinow, 2013) She isRead MoreEmployee Organizational Culture Essay667 Words   |  3 PagesThe shared characteristics and, in some cases, perception of employees create what is known as organizational culture. A strong culture constructs a unified employee atmosphere, whereas a weak culture lacks a shared sense of distinction between employees. An employee’s heritage or individual culture, although different than, affects the overall organizational culture of companies. Like society, sub-cultures exist within organizations. Formed by departmental function, geographical location, and/orRead MorePreventing Unethical Behavior in a Company1799 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿ Introduction The relevance of ethical behavior within an organization cannot be overstated. Regardless of the obvious need for the establishment of a strong ethical foundation within the organization, some businesses seem to shy away from the implementation of firm ethical practices. The lack of a strong ethical foundation in this case may motivate some officers of such businesses to engage in unethical behavior which could in turn end up costing the entity dearly. In this text, I discuss

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Adolescent Mental Health Facilities Essay Example For Students

Adolescent Mental Health Facilities Essay Adolescent Mental Health Facilities Essay An adolescent is defined to be someone who has undergone puberty but has not yet reached full adulthood. This time usually begins at the start of middle school. It is a very stressful time for most adolescents because of all the changes going on around them. Not only are they dealing with social stresses, but things at home might not be all right. They may be starting to use drugs, or even worse they could be addicted already. Sexual pressure also starts to become a more frequent stressor. These problems may not seem to be the end of the world for adults, but it can cause severe damage physically and mentally, to an adolescent. More and more teenagers are encountering tough situations that drive them to have mental disorders. In extreme cases going to a mental health facility or psychiatric ward of a hospital is the best thing one could do to help these adolescents. The problem is that there are not enough facilities like that for teenage sufferers. More adolescent psychiatric wards or mental health facilities need to be built solely for the overwhelming number of teenagers with mental disorders. The first mental health facility in the United States opened in 1773 in Williamsburg, Virginia. By 1832 there were 32 facilities, and those that were mentally ill in jail and almshouses were being moved into these places. In 1930 the US finally established a division called the Narcotics Division to bring together research on drug addiction and metal disease and how to prevent and treat both of these problems. In the 40s during World War II there was a shortage of mental health personnel. It got so bad that federal action had to be taken. There was a proposal for a mental health program and from that came the National Mental Health Act of 1946. After President Truman signed this act a significant amount of money was put towards the research and education of mental illnesses. All the money and research lead to the founding of the National Institute of Mental Health in 1949. Also in 1949 lithium was discovered to reduce the symptoms of bipolar disease, but the FDA did not approve the drug until 1970. Congress authorized the Mental Health Study Act of 1955. Then in 1956 they also appropriated $12 million to the research of psychopharmacology. In 1965 there was a major improvement in mental health care. The improvements included, Construction and staffing grants to centers were extended and facilities that served those with alcohol and substance abuse disorders were made eligible to receive grants (Van Loon). Another grant was also given to advance the research of childrens services. Then in 1981 the Mental Health Study Act of 1955 was replaced by the Alcohol, Drug, Abuse, and Mental Health block grant. In June of 1999 President Clinton held a conference on mental health while the nation awaited the Surgeon Generals report on mental health. Then in October 2000 President Clinton signed the Childrens Health Act that, establishes national standards that restrict the use of seclusion and restraint in all psychiatric facilities that receive federal funds (Van Loon). Presently President Bush is conducting more research in what the nation can do to better mental health facilities. The process of being admitted to a mental health ward or hospital is the same for adolescents and adults. A potential patient goes to the emergency room. The person may go on his own will or be brought there by the police because he is a threat to himself. The person then gets all his or her vital signs checked by the nurse. After that the crisis unit takes the person into a room and a social worker conducts an interview. The questions he or she asks are aimed at determining if the person is experiences the symptoms of a mental illness. .u23133d581d06850c27fef67d66c1fdde , .u23133d581d06850c27fef67d66c1fdde .postImageUrl , .u23133d581d06850c27fef67d66c1fdde .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .u23133d581d06850c27fef67d66c1fdde , .u23133d581d06850c27fef67d66c1fdde:hover , .u23133d581d06850c27fef67d66c1fdde:visited , .u23133d581d06850c27fef67d66c1fdde:active { border:0!important; } .u23133d581d06850c27fef67d66c1fdde .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .u23133d581d06850c27fef67d66c1fdde { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .u23133d581d06850c27fef67d66c1fdde:active , .u23133d581d06850c27fef67d66c1fdde:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .u23133d581d06850c27fef67d66c1fdde .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .u23133d581d06850c27fef67d66c1fdde .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .u23133d581d06850c27fef67d66c1fdde .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .u23133d581d06850c27fef67d66c1fdde .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .u23133d581d06850c27fef67d66c1fdde:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .u23133d581d06850c27fef67d66c1fdde .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .u23133d581d06850c27fef67d66c1fdde .u23133d581d06850c27fef67d66c1fdde-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .u23133d581d06850c27fef67d66c1fdde:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: child abuse and lolita the movie Essay According to Davis things the interviewer needs to ask himself include, Does this patient have the potential for self-harm? Might this patient have a potential possibly harm him or herself? If self harm is possible what is the probability of self harm, and what are the circumstances, degree of lethality and imminence .

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Beginners Guide How to Build a Digital Product Marketplace on WordPress

Looking for a solution to build a digital product marketplace on WordPress? While in the past you might have needed a development team to get your digital product marketplace off the ground, now you can create your marketplace using simple, pre-made extensions.In this article, youre going to learn how you can use WordPress, a premium theme called Marketify, and the freemium Easy Digital Downloads plugin to create a digital product marketplace with similar functionality to stores like ThemeForest and iTunes.We cant promise youll grow as big! But you will be able to create a marketplace that sells all kinds of digital files, including:PhotosFontsAudio filesVideoseBooksetc.Ready to get started? Heres your step-by-step guide to creating a digital product marketplace on WordPress. Getting Started Setup Guide  in your WordPress dashboard:We wont walk through all of the steps in the setup guide as the guide does a good job of explaining everything. By following the guide, youll handle im portant steps like:Enabling a child theme.Turning on automatic updates.Installing the necessary plugins for full functionality, including the Easy Digital Downloads plugin.Importing demo content.Customizing your site.Once you finish the setup guide, youll be able to go to the frontend of your site and see a pretty good looking design. It starts to appear similar to what the demo showed, without some of the premium images and plugins from that demo.Step 3: Configure the Easy Digital Downloads pagesWithin the setup guide, theres a bulk installer for all of the recommended plugins. One of them is called Easy Digital Downloads, which is a platform for selling digital products from your WordPress site.While the setup guide handles installing the plugin, youll need to configure a few settings to make it work right.To get started, go to Downloads Settings in your WordPress dashboard to set up the core Easy Digital Downloads pages.Easy Digital Downloads uses shortcodes to set up each page. For example, the Checkout page has its own shortcode that must be placed on one of your pages.Therefore, you would create a new page in WordPress, add the [download_checkout] shortcode to the page, then go back to this Settings module to set that page as your Checkout page. The same must be done for the Success, Failed Transaction, Purchases History, and Login Redirect pages.Step 4: Install necessary premium plugins for your  digital product marketplace on WordPressAs youve already learned from buying the Marketify theme, youre not making a marketplace for free. You can have a decent digital marketplace with just the theme and Easy Digital Downloads, but there are a few other plugins that make your digital product marketplace on WordPress much better.For example, I cant imagine a marketplace that doesnt have some sort of commissions system in place. This way, youre able to automatically divide the right commissions between vendors when a user checks out with products from multipl e sellers.Thats why its required to download and install the Commissions extension from Easy Digital Downloads. After you install the plugin, youll see a Commissions tab under Downloads  where you set automatic calculations for vendors.Step 5: Install the Frontend Submissions add-on so users can add productsThe second requirement for a respectable multi-vendor marketplace is the Frontend Submissions add-on from Easy Digital Downloads. This opens a frontend registration form for potential vendors. After they submit their information to you, theres a button for approving the vendor and opening up access to the vendor dashboard. Here, they can upload their own products, manage payments, and tweak their storefront.On the admin backend, youll go to the EDD FES tab, then to Vendors. This gives you all sorts of control, with information on your vendors, approval buttons, suspension buttons, sales numbers, and information on products.Step 6: Consider some other premium add-onsAs for the a dd-ons, the most important ones include the Commissions and Frontend Submissions add-ons. However, some marketplace owners might want to improve the functionality and make the interface better for customers.The best value would be to purchase the Digital Marketplace Bundle for $499.You also have the option to buy all of these add-ons  separately. The bundle includes the following add-ons:Acquisition survey Reveals a survey right as the customer checks out. This way you can learn about where customers are coming from and how the experience was.Commissions We covered this above, but its for paying your vendors the right amounts.Frontend Submissions Also talked about abovefor fielding and accepting vendor candidates.Reviews Create a system where your customers can write reviews about your vendors.Recommended Products For cross-selling items throughout your website, increasing sales, and giving customers relevant suggestions.Wish Lists With this, customers can save products they love and want to buy later.Wallet This is similar to what ThemeForest uses, where customers must buy store credits prior to purchasing anything on your site.Step 7: Customize your site and add a productLuckily, the majority of the design work is done for you by installing Marketify. The WordPress customizer has some extra tools for changing items like colors and logos, but your main focus should be on activating the right pages for the digital product marketplace on WordPress.Marketify has several predesigned page templates for some of the following:Homepage.Product grid.Product reviews.Audio product page.Video product page.Register page.Pricing page.All you have to do is make a completely new page on your website, then choose the desired page template. After that, you might want to link to some of the pages by adding them to your main menu.In terms of adding a product, youre the admin of the site, so the goal is to get the vendors to do this for you. However, its important to see how the product creation process works. To do so, approve yourself as a vendor (through the Frontend Submissions add-on) and go to your author page.This area has an Add Product tab, where you can fill in information like the product name, description, preview image, and more. You then upload the product file and hit the Publish button.After that, you can navigate to the frontend and see that product page with all of the details you just typed in.Enjoy your new digital product marketplace on WordPressAfter completing the steps above, youre ready to start recruiting vendors and marketing to buyers. Several other steps can be taken to tweak your  digital product marketplace on WordPress, but those are all optional and can be found in the Marketify documentation.If you have any further questions after walking through this tutorial, let us know in the comments below. Learn how to create a digital product marketplace on #WordPress. #tutorial

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Adverbs of Frequency Sentence Placement

Adverbs of Frequency Sentence Placement Adverbs of frequency tell us how often something happens/is the case, happened/was the case, will happen/will be the case, etc. There are lots of them. Here are some examples: always - Peter is always getting into trouble.usually - They usually get their work done on time.frequently - My sister frequently goes shopping in Seattle.rarely - They rarely ask questions about the homework. Most Common Adverbs of Frequency The most common adverbs of frequency in English in order from most often to least often: always - He always does his homework.usually - They usually complete the work on time.often - I often watch movies online.sometimes - Jack sometimes comes over for dinner.  occasionally - She occasionally asks a question.rarely - They rarely have any homework.never - I never complain at work.   Where Do They Appear in the Sentence? Word order can be confusing with adverbs of frequency. Here are different rules for placement in sentences. 1. In a Sentence With One Verb If the sentence has one verb in it (e.g. no auxiliary verb) we usually put the adverb in the middle of the sentence, i.e. after the subject and before the verb: subject / adverb / verb / predicate Tom usually goes to work by car.Mary often asks me for help.   2.  Usually After the Verb Be The adverb usually comes after the verb be: subject / verb / adverb / predicate Tom is often late.Anne isnt usually sick.Peter isnt always right. This is not the case if we put the adverb at the beginning or end of the sentence for emphasis. This rule also does not apply to short answers: Is she usually on time?Tell her not to be late.Yes, she usually is.She never is. The rule is broken in other cases too, e.g. Conversation 1 Speaker A: What are you doing here? Shouldnt you be at school?Speaker B: I normally am at school at this time, but my teacher is ill.   Conversation 2 Speaker A: Youre late again!Speaker B: usually am late on Mondays because the traffic is so bad. Conversation 3 Speaker A: Tom is late again!Speaker B: Tom usually is late.   3. In a Sentence With More Than One Verb If the sentence has more than one verb in it (e.g. auxiliary verb) we usually put the adverb after the first part of the verb: subject / helping verb or modal / adverb / main verb / predicate I can never remember his name.Anne doesnt usually smoke.The children have often complained about the playground facilities. Exception: In sentences with have to the adverb is in position A: subject / adverb / have to / main verb / predicate We often have to wait for the bus.She never has to do any housework.They sometimes have to stay after class.   4. When Using for Emphasis For emphasis, we can put the adverb at the beginning or end of the sentence. At the end is unusual - we usually only put it there when we have forgotten to put it in earlier. adverb / subject / main verb / predicate Sometimes we go to school by bus.Often he waits for her after class.Usually, Peter arrives early for work. or subject / main verb / predicate / adverb We go to school by bus sometimes.They like to watch TV often.Jennifer buys a new car rarely. Exceptions: Always cant go at the beginning or end of the sentence. Never, seldom, rarely cant go at the end of a sentence. They only go at the beginning of a sentence in polemic statements. Then they have to be followed by the word order for questions: Never has there been a better time to overcome our differences.Rarely do we have an opportunity like this.Seldom had the orchestra given a worse performance.   5. In Question Form When using adverbs of frequency in the question form, put the adverb before the main verb. auxiliary verb / subject / adverb / main verb / predicate Do you often go to the cinema?Did he sometimes leave the classroom?Do they usually come late to class? Exceptions: Never, seldom, rarely and other adverbs of frequency with a negative sense are not usually used in the question form. 6. In the Negative Form When using adverbs of frequency in the negative form, put the adverb before the main verb. subject / helping verb / adverb / main verb / predicate They dont often go to the cinema.She doesnt usually wait for an answer.Peter doesnt normally want to come with us.   Exceptions: Never, seldom, rarely and other adverbs of frequency with a negative sense are not usually used in the negative form.

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Applying People CMM to Your Organization-Part 2 Essay

Applying People CMM to Your Organization-Part 2 - Essay Example Each defined goal has peculiar practices that explain the activities anticipated to result in attainment of the goal. Toyota, for example, its specific aims of the project planning course involve setting up estimates, obtaining commitment to the plan, and developing a project plan. The exact practices associated with â€Å"establishing approximate† goals involves estimating the extent of the project, coming up with estimates of project characteristics, outlining the project life cycle, and establishing estimates of cost and effort. The process areas portray behavior that are exhibited at Toyota, practices are interpreted using in-depth understanding of the model, the Toyota’s organization, its business environment, and any other specific conditions considered. Generic goals refer to all Toyota’s process areas. Accomplishment from each goal in a process area shows whether the institutionalization and implementation of each process area is impressive, lasting, and repeatable. Each generic goal is linked to generic practices. Toyota’s generic goal is to â€Å"run a quantitatively managed process†; this is achieved through two generic practices, â€Å"stabilizing sub-process performance† and â€Å"establishing quality objectives.† Toyota’s capable process is outlined, practiced, documented, supported, controlled, maintained, validated, measured, and can be improved. Furthermore, the model allows both explanation (interpretation) and partial changes (modifications) needed to satisfy Toyota’s size and business objectives. People CMM at Toyota have been made in two representations, staged and continuous. These representations avail alternative way of process improvement. These representations have essential content that are identical, but are organized differently. The Toyota’s continuous representation foundation is based on ability within specific process area—the limits of anticipated results that can be obtained by applying a process.